Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More Frenzy . . .

We've added several new now pictures to the 'Frenzy' page

Picture 8. Barry Foster, and the ever lovely Rita Webb, hanging out of the first floor window of 3 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, WC2.

Picture 8. Now, the same window, poo, pooded when I returned in triumph with the shot. “No”, said my little brother; he who appears in the stills of “Day the Earth Caught Fire”; “Could be any window”. “But the curly bits top and bottom”, I protested. “Could be any one of ten thousand similar”, said he. “The drainpipe?” I offered. “Millions of them”, he said with derision. “The entablature on the next window?”, said I with all my architectural vocabulary coming to the fore. He just snorted. And then, “Arrr, look at the chip out of the top of next door’s window”. We did, and it was the same in both shots.

So sometimes it’s the missing bits that prove the point, not just those that remain. . .

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Bunny Lake is Missing

Dear Mr. Tunstill,
I enjoyed your site very much and wanted to pass on some information about
locations for the film Bunny Lake Is Missing.

The hospital used in the film was St. Charles Hospital in Ladbrook Grove.

The dolls' hospital was Barry Elder's Doll Museum in Hammersmith.

I'm nowhere near London and can't send you pictures, but perhaps with this
information, someone can find the locations and photograph them.

Chris Fujiwara

Bunny Lake is Missing

a couple of points re. Darling

'the site 'near St Paul's' is Lord Holford's Paternoster Square
development, now redeveloped beyond recognition. Christie and Harvey are
outside of, and go into, Sudbury House (demolished 1998).

are you sure the tube station is Notting Hill Gate: logically Christie
and Bogarde should be at Bond Street Station, having just left a Bond
Street gallery, to get a train for Notting Hill. Furthermore, there aren't
the long escalators at Notting Hill that we see them descend.'
Roland-Francois Lack


Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Well, this last week Alfie, the new film, was released and we got some press publicity for the site http://www.reelstreets.com/ where we are starting to include details of the original Alfie locations, with Michael Caine, which used the streets in and around Kings Cross in north London, the same area as was used in the Ladykillers with Alec Guiness and Cry From the Streets with Max Bygraves.

Several people have already contacted me with further and better particulars of the film Alfie and its shooting sites, even a call from a Water Board employee, Mr White who was spraying a rain soaked set for three days filming.

Now that our new guests have seen the site they have also written in and advised on several other films, Darling, Piccadilly, and Chiswick, and Georgie Girl, Knightsbridge or was it the Brompton Road, and Belsize Park, being just two of them.

Goodnight Mr Tom was on UK TV last week, which I can’t record because I’m in the middle of Italy, but, on our TV during the last week we’ve had Privilege, which I missed, The Eagle Has Landed, Michael Caine again, and Michael Winner’s The Jokers, with Oliver Reed pinching the crown jewels, both of which I taped.

Eagle used locations in Norfolk, and Jokers, lots of London. Have you got a copy of Privilege or Goodnight Mr Tom that you’ll swop with me?

Georgy Girl - Brompton Rd or Kensington High St?

Peter Astair had identified several of the stills for Georgy Girl as Brompton Road but Roland-Francois Lack suggests another location...

I'm afraid I have doubts about Peter Astair's identification of your first few photographs with the Brompton Road. They are all Kensington High Street, I think.
In 1966, there was a Barratt's Shoe Shop at 135 Kensington High Street (your picture no. 1), a London Eating House at 108/110 Kensington High Street (picture no. 3), a Thomas Cook's at 104 Kensington High Street and a Harry Fenton's at 102 (both visible in your picture no. 4, with the 106 of the shop, a chemists, next to Thomas Cook's). Hope this is helpful.
Roland-François Lack

Saturday, November 20, 2004


'..on Frenzy pict 12, you have it as leicester square, I think it is Soho square, it has a green taxi drivers hut and parking meters in thepicture these have never been in Leicester square. ..Raymondo'

I think you're wrong, but a good try...
Soho Square, I don't remember ever seeing on the screen, but Leicester Square, in my time had parking meters, you must be one of the younger chaps. I think I remember the taxi drivers hut, there is still one at the Notting hill Gate end of Pembridge Road. If you look closely at the still you may just make out the statue of Shakespeare, which has always been in the Square for the last fifty odd years as far as I know, but I have a feeling that he might have been turned round at some time.

Reel Streets Film : Frenzy

Sunday, November 14, 2004

about Reel Streets

The films which appear on the site and its listings are currently available to exchange with enthusiasts for other suitable films which contain real streets.

The site is supported by movie buffs with diverse interests, but all of whom have a nostalgic soft spot for these old flicks.

We'll be using this weblog to keep you informed of changes and additions to the site and also any news regarding locations or your comments

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

an introduction...

Our site http://www.reelstreets.com is concerned with the locations used by British made films, or movies, or pictures, shot between 1920and 1980. Scenes where our favourite actors appear in real streets; James Mason in "Spring and Port Wine", in Bolton, Richard Burton in "Look Back in Anger" in West London and Richard Attenborough in Brighton in "Brighton Rock"; the site allows one to examine not only the change in the architecture of the period of some fifty or more years ago, but the styles of dress, vehicles and also the way we lived, worked, ate and loved.

Georgy Girl poster