Monday, November 27, 2006

L Shaped Room

I wonder if this could be the now pic the original show the shop as no29 and the now photo is 29 POWIS SQ W2 also

could Pic 5 be Burlington Mews W2 this used to be off Westmorland Rd W2 and was pulled down in the seventies it was in the Talbot Rd/Ledbury rd area nether Burlington Mews or Westmorland Rd exist today but had similar housing as the orignal


So, what do you think sleuths?
John Tunstill

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Violent Playground

Hello there
A few little details about the film Violent Playground. It was set in the Scotland Road area of Liverpool and an infamous circular block of flats called The Bull Ring. Freddie Starr was living there as a child and was picked out to be in the film - he does an really incredible job of it too. Scotland Road remains but the Bull Ring was demolished and the people rehomed
Hope that is of interest.
Pat R

Monday, November 20, 2006

third man

Well bloggers, ReelStreets is about to launch the ReelStreets World-Wide Location Guide, ............ well, to start with, just USA and Europe. So maybe not World Wide, just world narrow!

Have you any films from these continents that you want listed and which have
locations we ought to examine?

I've just been through Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Italy by train ........... remember "The Lady Vanishes"?

And also had a wonderful tour of Vienna in the footprints of Harry Lime, remember him of the zither?

William Unruh has a splendid Third Man site, and Brigitte Timmermann has written an incredible book about the making of the film,, and organises wonderful walking tours of the city and locations.

So foreign film lists please, and their probable locations, but, of at least
20 years ago.

John Tunstill

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Have a look at this selection of used cinema-movie related books. You can find more interesting info on our website,

The Parade’s Gone By – Kevin Brownlow
Published by Abacus 1973
P/b; good, 672pps, many photos; £8.00
A study of the era of the silent cinema; a golden age of movie making which in the words of the book, turned a crude fumbling gimmick into an art. Kevin Brownlow produced the film “It Happened Here” – on site

The History of the British Film 1896-1906 – Rachel Low and Roger Manvell
Published By Allen & Unwin 1973
H/b; good, 136pps, some photos; £8.00 (ex Libris Swansea Libraries)
This is the first volume of Rachel Low’s four-part history of British Film making which covers the first ten formative and pioneering years of the British Cinema.

The History of the British Film 1906-1914 – Rachel Low
Published By Allen & Unwin 1973
H/b; good; 310pps, some photos; £12.00 (Ex Libris Swansea Libraries)
The second edition of the author’s history details the social, commercial and artistic developments, which took place in the British Film Industry between 1906 and the outbreak of World War I

The History of the British Film 1914-1918 – Rachel Low
Published by Allen and Unwin 1973
H/b; good; 332pps; some photos; £15.00 (Ex Libris Swansea Libraries)
This is the third volume of the author’s history of British film making which begins at the outset of World War I. It describes the audiences of that time, the effects of War on the industry and the types of film made

The Films of Dirk Bogarde – Margaret Hinxman and Susan d’Arcy
Published by Literary Services and Production 1974
H/b; Jacket slightly torn;200pps; many photos; £15.00
A comprehensive study of one Britain’s home-grown male stars who became an Icon worldwide. His transition from screen matinee idol to respected character actor is charted in this book.

Published by Chicago Review Press, 1983.
P/b; good; dedication on fly leaf; 178 pps; many photos. £4.00
With the ’Crime movie quiz book’’, J.R.Nash produces a volume that has enough cinema-crime conundrums in it to satiate the most indefatigable connoisseur
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