Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Cockleshell Heroes

Watched this in passing last Sunday – Fairly tame 1950’s WWII film.
There is a fairly light hearted piece where David Lodge (attached) is undergoing evasion type training – where the soldiers are set the task of returning to base under their own steam. David Lodge elects to return by running in a singlet and shorts as if he were an athlete. Part of the scenes running on suburban streets are set in Shepperton in my road (Old Charlton Road), at the turning into Marion Avenue which is clearly seen. He also gets splashed by a car going through a ford – again this is at the end of my road, though now changed to just a stream with no through traffic, due to the presence of the M3.
Incidentally this road is also used in the Dad’s Army movie from the early ‘70’s where the lads have erected a barricade of furniture etc, across a street, outside a pub called The Bell. Again this is towards the end of my road - Old Charlton Lane.
The closeness to the studios in the town is the obvious link.
One final comment the author – JG Ballard – Empire of the Sun, etc. lives in this road too as a virtual recluse in a very run down house. His recent Autobiography makes mention of the town, street and ford noted above.
Hope this is of interest.
Roland Grant

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Secret Ceremony

sec006. Chepstow Road, just south of sec001. Now a restaurant, but I remember it as an antique shop. There were workshops close by, and my father, driving by around this time, used to say 'that's where they make the antiques for the Portobello'.

sec006a. View from inside the shop, towards St Stephen's Gardens, once the notorious slums of racketeer landlord Rachman.

Adrian Grepnold.

Another couple of goodies, thanks, we'll add them. Alfie was partly shot just down the road, I used to have a girlfriend in Tavistock Crescent, just up the road, skinny girl I recall.
At the top end of Chepstow Road was a military antique shop, and yes, your Dad was correct, as this chap used to make military "antiques" for us when I ran the militaria shop "Tradition" in Piccadilly, in the 70's.


The Sound Barrier

The still taken from "The Sound Barrier", sb001, was taken along Wellington Avenue, in Walton on Thames. The buildings on the left were demolished for a 60's shopping centre, and they in turn for a 90's shopping centre but the buildings in the background still exist. Perhaps the movie was part made at the local film studios which were only a few hundred yards away.

Regards John

Monday, June 23, 2008

Smoking Glamour


When film stars, sports heroes and high profile people smoke, it can conjure up a world of smoking glamour.

As she titles her head back to puff out the smoke, the diamond necklace sparkles on her elegant neck... With a curl of his lips he arches one brow as he lights up a smoke and plots his next move... Tanned and tousled haired he holds the victory cup aloft to the cheering crowd, then accepts the cigarette from the pretty girl...

Evocative, sexy, macho, or tough smoking glamour. Funny, it doesn't look a bit like the coughing, hacking smokers in this picture.

Too right it doesn't. Want to know more? Unless those smokers quit, in reality smoking glamour goes something like this...

Three of these smokers will die a certainly painful, possibly agonizing, lingering death, anything from 40 years to 10 years early because they were lured by the glamour of smoking.

The rest will succumb to early chronic debilitating diseases, such as bronchitis and emphysema, but may be kept alive by drugs and medicine for many years. Like helpless slaves to tobacco, they will be impelled to light up a cigarette about every 30 minutes, or if unable to, experience cravings as the nicotine blood level drops.

Concern creeps in, a growing worry and guilt, which the smoker tries to hide. This turns into acute everyday fear as symptoms start and smoking statistics are trumpeted. Many smokers, trying to portray a smoking glamour or tough image, act 'unconcerned' and continue to smoke as if nothing is wrong, but it's there and it niggles away at them.

A few daily consequences of smoking that show immediately are:

Stinky breath, accelerating aging and dull skin
Decreased respiratory capacity
More and more the image of a weak-willed, less strong and unhealthy person
Less chance of dating and mating than a non-smoker

Not the image of a glamour smoking at all!

The illusion of smoking glamour in films is a faux "cool." But films are a tremendously powerful emotional medium and this subliminal advertising has an influence on people, especially children.

Although smoking celebrities have enticed many generations of kids to take up smoking, what happens when these beautiful or famous people have gone home after the cheers and accolades and millions of dollars?

What happened to beautiful Betty Grable, America's favorite pin-up girl up to 1972? She appeared in 84 films and her "million dollar legs," were insured. Her picture appeared on the packets of cigarettes she smoked. She died of lung cancer aged 56. Humphrey Bogart, smoking glamour personified. Would light up, "One for me and one for my chick." Died at 57 of esophagus cancer. Smoking and glamour were trademarks of actor, Jack Cassidy, but he died in a fire due to smoking in bed.

Louis Armstrong advertised for Camel cigarettes and his famous gravelly voice might have been helped along by smoking, but this jazz great died of heart failure.

Lung cancer stopped Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez in their prime.

Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels. Heart attack at 56.

Who remembers singer, Nat King Cole? He died of lung cancer aged 45. Lana Turner? - Throat cancer claimed her. Yul Bryner and Robert Mitchum - lung cancer. The Marlboro Man - throat cancer.

And what about the wise and popular monarch of Britain, King George VI? A glamorous looking ruler indeed. He didn't know the risks of smoking then, like we do now, and he died aged 56 of lung cancer.
There are many more famous people who the world has associated with smoking glamour, such as: George Harrison, of The Beatles fame, cancer of the lung and brain after years of smoking; and Babe Ruth, 53, baseball player and batting champion; but they are too numerous to mention.
Did these glamorous smokers ever say before they got their diseases, "Why did I ever start smoking? Where has smoking all those cigarettes got me to? What is smoking doing to my body and mind?"
And as they lay dying, ugly and wracked, did they then say, "Smoking glamour is a myth, why on earth didn't I quit before now?"
A 'shocker' clip of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz advertising cigarettes on the Lucy Show.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Australian Films

Well, small world, just had some Australian guests staying at and of course spoke to them about ReelStreets, locations and films in general, including Rank's foray into the southern hemisphere.

Who out there remembers Chips Rafferty in the Overlanders, and also Eureka Stockade? Other Aussie classics include Ned Kelly, Picnic at Hanging Rock and Neville Shute's Town Like Alice.

The lady guest's mother in law was Helen Grieve who took the part of Helen Parsons in the Overlanders which was shot in and around Derby and Alice Springs in Australia. Helen Grieve also appeared in Bush Christmas.

Maybe we'll have to start ReelStreets(Australia).

John Tunstill

Thursday, June 19, 2008



John Wayne, died of cancer. Humphrey Bogard, died of cancer. Jack Hawkins, died of cancer. Steve McQueen, died of cancer. Judy Holliday, dead, Nat King Cole, died, Jack Wild, dead, Doug McClure, died, Lee Remick, dead, and hearts attack brought on by smoking, Errol Flynn, dead, Robert Shaw, dead, Rod Serling (who introduced Twilight Zone with a smoke in his hand), dead, Clark Gable, dead. ..................... are there any others you know of?


John Tunstill

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

80,000 Suspects

Filmed in Bath which at the time had a population of about 80,000. Filmed a lot around the Assembly Rooms.


Frank Cowlin

Cyd Charisse dies in Los Angeles at 86

A publicist for Cyd Charisse says the actress-dancer has died in Los Angeles at age 86.

Publicist Gene Schwam says Charisse died early today at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after suffering an apparent heart attack on Monday.

Hollywood A-Z: Cyd Charisse

Charisse was a long-legged Texas beauty who danced with the Ballet Russe as a teenager and starred in MGM musicals with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. She also appeared in dramatic films, but her fame came from Technicolor musicals of the 1940s and '50s.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Can someone out there please record these for me? The YTV signal doesn't reach Umbria!!!

John Tunstill

Monday, June 16, 2008

Only Two Can Play

Mae Zetterling above Cwmbwrla, Swansea and Peter sellers between Newton street and Christina Street on the Kingsway in Swansea.

Both these photos are featured in the book:
Thank you for the days, Swansea by David Roberts.

The General Electric Co Ltd showrooms (Reel Streets picture ot006m) is on the right hand side of Peter Sellers.

Regards Brother Brian

Friday, June 13, 2008


The robbery chase scene in this film where they are side by side with another car on a sharp left hand was filmed in Wildridings, Bracknell, on the edge of the Southern Industrial estate.

As is the scene when they are casing the job and "loiter with the intent to make a telephone call" was filmed 200 yards along the road further in the southern industrial estate.

Please SIr

My old school was Sladebrook High, Brentfield Rd, Willesden, NW10 where they filmed some of the series. The building is almost exactly as it was and I think its some sort of council office now. The school in the film, I'm sure its the one in Goodson Rd, Leopold Rd, NW10, and the flats are round the corner in Curzon Crescent NW10.

Ken Stuart.

Re" Hobsons Choice" final church scene


I read with interest you "Reel Streets"article containing details about "Hobsons Choice" film locations.

As a Stockport resident and fan of the film I can, beyond doubt confirm that the wedding scene is based on "Tiviot Dale Church Stockport which was located on Lancashire Hill Stockport. I have a photograph of the now demolished church. the site is now occuoied by a public house.

..................another one that we've missed!

The power station cooling tower in the background (now demolished) is Stockport power station Photographs available. the one constatnt feature in the scene is St Marys Church Stockport, (to the right of the cooling tower). The same church features in a "Taste of Honey" and Yanks.

.................that's a good lead, thanks

The backdrop to the scene is still recognisable today

Should you require copy of the photographs please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wayne Littlewood

.............yes please, although we are now probably unable to actually link any real streets, the information and photos will be of use to those interested in these films

Best wishes

John Tunstill

British Film Matters

Mobile phone horror becomes a feature

Steve McQueen conquers Cannes with a study of starvation

Iron Maiden's main man tracks Britain's "Beast"

Weird films find a portal with new Wibbell DVD label

To read these and other new stories click through to the site now.
Support British film talent.

"The British film world ... on one site"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Simon James

In recognition of your long and arduous support of the site,, as well as your accumulated knowlege that you have so generously and unstintingly given, for the benefit of all film enthusiasts, Brian and I have agreed to offer you a very small token of our thanks and esteem, on behalf of the site and all its viewers, to place your name on the "cinema foyer front" alongside our own.

John & Brian Tunstill and Simon James

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Killing of Sister George

Has anyone noticed that Susannah York when she is wafting about in her baby doll nightie and being shouted at by Sister George starts off in a pink outfit and ends up in a blue one. Just thought you would like to know.



Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Fast Lady

Hi, the pictures fl001 and fl002 were a set filmed at Beaconsfield Studios and the building at the back, is the front of the studios. I'm interested in the Fast Lady as I own the black Rolls Royce "200 DYO" which "JRJ" drives and knocks Stanley Baxter off his bike. Could you please help me as I would like to know where the large white house is in the film. I have more pics if you want, of this film ,with my R-R.

Richard Hepworth