Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Arthur Askey film ?

This is an excellent website.
I wonder if you could help me, please? Would you know the title of an Arthur Askey film which was partly made on the Ruislip Lido Railway late 1940s-early 1950s, please? Thanks.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ghost Camera

"Here, I say, old chap, we're doing some research for the film location site "ReelStreets". Any idea where this shot was taken?"

"Don't rightly know, but mebbee, over thur. Do I get the ten pounds?"

Reelstreets Office

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

the long memory (1952)

Hi, on picture 4 on your webpage for this film, I believe the location is the Swale Estuary between Conyer and Oare. I walk my dog here. I have included an map reference;
Postcode district: ME9 9
Grid ref: TQ966654
Lat: 51:21:16N (51.35448)
Lon: 0:49:20E (0.82227)
I think the actual shot is taken at the junction of the 2 paths which you can see if you look on Google earth. Hope this is some help, I may be wrong but am certain it is correct. (A number of the old barge ribs still lie in the mud to this day). Regards


Dear reader,

'Progress' in no particular order:

Stone tablets
Clay tablets
9.5 mm
Super 8
Colour films
Smell-O-Vision and Aroma-Rama
Todd E O
Wax cylinders
Shellac 78s
Long wave
Medium wave
Short wave
The 30 line Televisor
240 lines
405 lines
625 lines
Digital TV
High definition TV
Surround sound
Video 2000
Cassette tapes
8 track
Reel to reel
Wire recorders
Fax machines
Mobile phones.

Stop, stop, I hear.


Peer to peer ( P2P) ..Aaah,!
Maybe this is something for Reelstreeters?

Files (spoken or written books, music, still images or complete films) can now be uploaded (sent) or downloaded (received) from computers.

Just suppose you had a nice old film that us nice old Reelstreeters wanted to see..
Or just suppose that you wanted to see a nice old film that another nice old Reelstreeter had hidden away? It seems the rest of the world has heard our wishes and sorted it for us.

Every day more movies are put onto Peer to Peer (P2P) sites and all free..Mmnnn luvelee!..But..
Is it legal?
Well, many old movies are now out of copyright and in the public domain.
The makers of newer movies are not best pleased, though and say that using P2P for copyrighted material is illegal.
The world has been some way down this road before, by copying films off TV, onto video recorders, but now with P2P, films are re-distributed to a wide audience.

Will it end in joy or tears?

Watch this screen.

Monday, July 16, 2007

every day's a holiday

The film “Every Day’s a Holiday” starring Freddie and the Dreamers was filmed at Butlins Holiday Camp in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England. My Father worked there at the time and I remember the excitement surrounding it – I was 7 years old then.

John Smith-Daye

Do you remember the huge model soldiers outside one of the main buildings?
Aah, those were the days!!!


Violent Playground

Hello I came across your site whilst surfing for the film 'Violent Playground' just out of curiousity really...i watched a viewing of the film last night by the Tate Gallery. It was celebrating the lives of the people who lived in the main area shown in the film that of Gerard Gardens, the tenemant block used in the film. I just thought i'd let you know about this as they have film footage and photographs of this area
...Hope this helps your research in some way. Tate phone number is; 0151 702 7400

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Long Memory

Certainly. To start with, any railway buff would instantly recognise it as the concourse at Waterloo, the old wooden destination board is a dead giveaway. A few frames just after your still, John Mills emerges from platform 14, just above his head is the timetable for the Bournemouth Belle which ran daily from Waterloo, NEVER London Bridge.