Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Whilst we realise that it is quicker for you to just write an email, attach a couple of photos and press the button, but at our end the helpers need to know the geographical location in order to find the film quickly, and that is why we have a submission page, or else they need to open our site, ALL FILMS, select and load the full film. Time is running. OK only three or four minutes on our old slow middle Italian internet connection, but time all the same. And when ten of you write in on the same day things can get a bit hectic.

Then when the helper needs to archive your email, where does he put it? He needs to spend time renaming your files with our film ident codes, again one of the reasons why we ask everone to submit only one film at a time. So we need to rename the file, another minute.

It is also a help to us if our picture number is put as the title of your photo file, with an "n" suffix, for "now". Because when we archive the picture we'll never find it again unless we rename it. Only a few minutes work, but with some 15 000 pictures it costs a lot of money. Change the file name, another minute

So, the house, street, village,............... please let us have a full address.

Picture size is another requirement, the physical size and the resolution size, all of which we ask the submitters to do, as it saves us even more time. See submission details. If we have to change both for you, another two minutes of our time..

So yes, we do want your contributions, but as we are unloved and unpaid we must ask your help in doing the preparatory work so that our time can be more profitably used to enlarge the site and give greater pleasure to greater numbers of enthusiasts, instead of spending even more time asking contributors yet again to follow our submission rules, and sending out endless emails to constantly ask them to submit their details and photos in an acceptable condition.

So, we've could have tweaked your pic, making it brighter and a tad more contrasty, two minutes. And now written this email, three/four minutes. Ten minutes just to add one picture!!! So in that time we can add 10 other pics that have been correctly submitted by other people.

And is it your photo or does the copyright belong to someone else? Let us know so that we, with your help, don't infringe someone else's copyright.

And as for the out of focus, dark, blurry pics, and those that don't correspond with anything..............words fail me

Thanks, hope you really can be of help to us, as we hope we are being of help to you.

Best wishes

John Tunstill

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