Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Nina Cangdon has just brought to our attention a project she has recently finished with Paris based filmmaker Paco Zamora, who has previously worked on different documentaries in France, South America as well as here in the U.K. The video "FilmTripping" is very "ReelStreets" but just a little more. It invites film lovers and travellers to discover the City of Light (Paris) through seven films set in Paris, showing the locations where some of the scenes were set, from the perspective of someone who explores Paris for the first time. It moves from touristic Trocadéro to the bohemian and still undiscovered Belleville, with the objective of connecting spectators with the magic of the cinema. The video, approximately two and a half minutes long can be viewed at:

FilmTripping Paris by Expedia

It is perhaps no coincidence that Nina finished the project to coincide with the launch of the annual French Film Festival in the U.K., full details of which can be found at:


Over 40 UK premieres are to be shown in 11 major locations across the U.K. between the 7th November and the 7th December.

Monday, November 03, 2014

More film locations spotted.

Sharp eyes and perhaps some "local knowledge" have provided us with answers to the following:

Psychomania 000, 009 and 010 - Julian Easton :
Fiend Without a Face 014 - Julian Easton :
Give My Regards to Broad Street 002, 003 and 016 - Paul Linton :
The Fast Lady what appears to be many studio shots - Mike Garfield :
That Kind of Girl 008 and 009 - Francesca Nardelli :

Thank you all

The British Council Film Collection

John has stumbled across the intriguing archive material of 120 short documentary films made by The British Council during the 1940's. They were designed to show the world how Britain lived, worked and played. They are all interesting, especially for "Senior Citizens" but John has highlighted the one entitled "London 1942" that includes an uncredited Bill Owen (at 08:45), most famous for his portrayal of the character 'Compo' in Last of the Summer Wine. This is apparently the second-oldest footage of him.

View it at http://film.britishcouncil.org/london-1942