Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Now here is a thought for you location sleuths; How you can make money from our site. Offer a year's advertising on our geographically oriented website to businesses located in the area of our on-site locations. Our viewers use our site in order to visit the locations that we, with your help, have identified. They already have an interest in the film, the actors, the location and the building and are poised to enter into a more personal involvement with anyone who shares their enthusiasm for the movie. Our site has almost 600 film/movies listed and some 18000 photos of movie locations. If a business appears in one of our “then” or “now” location shots then visitors to the location will be interested in the building. If the pub, bar, cafe, shop, hotel etc., has some extra connection to the film, perhaps a poster, a front of house still, newspaper clippings of the film being made or even a couple of shots pulled from our site, then it is likely that the tourist will pop in for a glass of beer, a bag of sweets, tea and a bun, or a night’s lodging. Film induced tourism is the fastest growing tourist industry, worldwide. We receive more than 3 000 000 hits a year, yes three million, which proves this interest. Many small towns have seen a huge increase in their tourist numbers because of films or TV shows made in their real streets. We charge £ 75.00 a year for an advertising space, the size of one of our on-line photos, for businesses to display their goods, services, offers, logos etc. All for less than a pound fifty a week. Anyone active enough to secure an ad for us will receive a discount of £ 25.00 per advert, and, if you secure, perhaps in one trip for one film, three, four or ten orders then you will more than pay for your time, your trip and your petrol. There are some 6000 “now” shots on-line, with perhaps 1500 businesses shown, who are our potential advertisers, at a possible £ 25.00 a time to you. You do the maths, if could be, as George Cole used to say, “a nice little earner”.