Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brighton Weekend

Now the sun is beginning to shine, perhaps a weekend in Brighton? Peppermint rock, whelks, kiss-me-quick hats and damp pebbles. Can't beat it!
So, take your camera and get some fill-in snaps for: Running Man, 1963; Street of Shadows, 1953; Tommy, 1975; Villain; Brighton Rock, 1948; Brighton Strangler, 1945; Bank Holiday, 1938; Carry on Girls, 1973; Genevieve, 1954; Hundred Pound Window, 1943; Jigsaw, 1963; Night We Got the Bird, 1961; Oh, What a Lovely War, 1969; Playground Express; Quadrophenia, 1978, and the dozens of more recent films and movies which have used Brighton, Hove and the Sussex seafronts for their filming sets and locations.
Oh, and don't forget to send us a postcard!
Happy hols.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hammersmith Murders

A copy of Daybreak has just been sent in by R D Marchant, and our thanks to him. Most scenes are sets, and the waterfront shots vary from Hammersmith via Tilbury to Gravesend, most are stock shots without actors, but one or two will be useful for us.

Interestingly the film was made in 1948 in the same place as The Long Memory, 1953, but Daybreak was made by the Hammersmith Riverside Studios, where it is believed Dogsbody, of Cinema of Darkness infamy worked.

Is there a connection we wonder?

An undetected serial killer working in the shadowy world of film production with all the smoke and mirrors at his disposal, and, as for disposal, the bridge and the Thames were close by, and the unresolved mystery of the Gravesend arm, was only twenty miles downstream from the Riverside Studios and Hammersmith Bridge. Five floating hours at 4mph.

Are there any more links to Hammersmith, films made there, or the identity of Dogsbody? Help us to investigate these apparent murders. Examine the Cinema of Darkness and see if you can unravel more of this mystery.

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