Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Film Location - UPDATE

More sharp eyes and a desire to help has resulted in the following locations being identified:

Blackout blk011 -Clive Turner :
On the Fiddle oft004 - Tony Hagon :
Tales from the Crypt 011 to 016 - Alan Hoare :
Room at the Top 044 to 046 - Andrew Lee :
Lucky Jim 021 and 023 - Mike Hitchen :

Thank you all.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Film Locations – UPDATE

Partly as a result of me having the temerity to leave my desk and take a break and partly as a result of the amount of information that we have been sent, this list is longer than usual but that is the way we like it. Thank you all for your interest and contribution(s).

Fast Lady, The 000a and 000b – Rob Beckwith :
Secret Place, The 014a and 014b – Clive Turner :
Villain 013 – Mary Nelson :
On the Beat 005 – Rob Beckwith :
Ragman’s Daughter, The 030, 031 and 056 – Mike Bunker :
I was Monty’s Double 037 – Mary :
Birth of the Beatles 007, 008 and 009 – Neil Rigby :
Tales That Witness Madness 011 and 012 – Steve Cook :
Blue Lamp, The 048 and 049 – Alan Bowden :
Angry Silence, The 031 – Rob Beckwith :
Carry On Camping 026 – Nick Dellow :
Crowded Day, The 012, 013 and 014 – Patrick Brown :
Work is a Four Letter Word 015 – Bernard Harris :
Night Train to Murder Various – Steve Cook :
So Well Remembered 018a, 018b and 018c – Dave Martin :
Ladykillers, The 022 – Greg Tingey :
Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter 020-023 – Steve Cook :
39 Steps, The (1959) 002e – Graham Shewan :

Saturday, October 04, 2014

FILM: So Well Remembered - 1948

Maurice Mottershead, a Maxonian (a man of Macclesfield) has spent much time with this film and has helped us both with locations and information relating to them. He has also provided some more up to date NOW shots as well as some personal ingredient regarding the locations. All this can be found in an article that can be accessed from the film page heading.
During his time with the film Maurice has highlighted that there is one unknown location in the film that appears a number of times and he has called it, ‘Location A’, assuming that this is a location and not a film set. Maurice seeks the help of anyone with a knowledge of Macclesfield and proposes the following:-
The ‘T’ junction between Nicholls Close, assuming this is not fictitious, (swr034) and an unknown road forms two corners; a pub called The Miners Arms is on one corner and The Browdley & District Guardian newspaper office is on the other. The film either side of swr019 clearly shows the pub is called The Miners Arms and also shows a steeple behind (which can just be seen in swr019). The area behind the pub looks like a churchyard. If anyone knows the location of The Miners Arms then we will know the location of many of the scenes in this film.

He states that ‘Location A’ occurs in the film at (time stamp hh:mm:ss): (00:02:12) (swr001a and swr001b), (00:03:05), (00:03:19), (00:08:37), (00:29:22) (swr019), (00:34:35), (00:44:22), (00:45:42), (00:49:31), (00:58:19) (swr034 and swr035), (01:12:37), (01:15:18), (01:48:40), (01:48:51).