Friday, January 29, 2010

NEW FILM ONLINE: "One Wish Too Many"

Year: 1956

Stars: Anthony Richmond, Rodalind Gourgey, John Pike, Terry Cooke, Arthur Howard, Sam Costa

Director: John Durst

Locations: East London

Plot: A young boy finds a magic marble that grants him any wish he wants. One day he wishes for a giant steam-roller, and it starts to trash London.

Number of Stills: 11

Number of 'Now' Shots: 5

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Film re-make suggestions - Sequels, Sons of..., xxx II, III and IV

The Heather Boys
Life begins at Fortrie
It's a wonderful Fife

Dr Eccles and Mr Ryde
Invasion of the Bodmin Snatchers
Hythe spirit
Yeovil in Miss Jones

Devon Can Wait, or in Wales...

Bevan Can Wait
Look Back in Bangor
Organ-Morgan, a suitable case for treatment
April in Powys
Evans Above
Bar-man Jones
Merthyr She Said
The Lost Leek-end

(Quick we need some Irish ideas).

The Cruel Lee

I suppose it's too late for Mould Diggers of 1933?
Better stick with The Mould Curiosity Shop...

No ideas for Brighton, but what about
Hove on the Dole
Hove in Bloom
Hove finds Andy Hardy?

I am going to go and lay down now.

ps, But before I do:
This one is for all the government jobs-worth's, that constantly annoy us with forms and fines at Reel Streets:
The Curse of the VAT People.


Year: 1973

Stars: Oliver Reed, Derek Jacobi, Meg Wynn Owen, Fiona Lewis, Anna Gael

Director: Andrew Sinclair

Locations: Wiltshire

Plot: Nasty butler with extraordinary accent uses dark arts to take over stately home and dominate the master of the house.

Number of Stills: 10
Number of 'Now' Shots: 0


Here are some more movies that have recently been sent to us:

Sons and Lovers
Night of the Demon
The Entertainer
Nuns on the Run
Eye of the Devil
Another Man's Poison
A Touch of Class
The Pumpkin Eater

Monday, January 25, 2010


Thoroughly enjoyed Maitland's your "Movie Memories" on Reel Street. They parallel mine, I think.

I wanted to comment on the Genevieve Picture No. 51. You are right about the Route 223 bus, which it was in 1951 around the time that Genevieve was being made. It ran then, between Ruislip and West Drayton. But what puzzles me, is that the route shows, (I think) East Acton, which is way off the 223 route, even for an odd working. The other puzzlement is that the road traveled by Genevieve looked at though it was having the tram lines removed. I don't know of any that were being removed in West London around that that time particularly on the 223 Route. Of course, it could have been lines from one of the United Tramsways lines being removed, but I believe they were removed at the time of replacement during the 1030s. It makes me wonder if the bus wasn't used as a set piece, a real bus, but put there for "atmosphere." Again, thanks for the "memories."

Roy Barnacle

Associate Research Assistants - (Free Films pt.2)

WOW............such response!!! So, be quick and complete the application form now.

Too many applications, and too little time to process them all. So the offer, which only opened Thursday, will now only run for 30 days, until 20th February 2010.

Associate Research Assistant status will be freely granted to anyone who makes a significant contribution to this site. Maybe pulling some 20 or more stills from a favourite film or films, maybe snapping a dozen or so locations that we can use, maybe researching into the films and locations, and providing information that is of use, or maybe sending in copies of films we wish to use, either as a gift or as a swap. We are not ungenerous with our largesse, but it seems that we will be unable to afford to accommodate and continue to support all those of you who have written in, and have made no worthwhile contribution, sorry but the costs of processing all the applications, and supplying all the films is going to be beyond the resources that I have set aside for supporting the site.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Year: 1962

Stars: Jack Warner, Ronald Lewis, Yolande Donlan, Michael Goodliffe, John Barron, Brian Oulton

Director: Val Guest

Locations: Brighton, Lewes, East Sussex, London

Plot: Local cops use tried and tested methods to hunt down a murderer.

Number of Stills: 25
Number of 'Now' Shots: 0

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Due to the ever increasing powers given to the entertainment industry under the various provisions contained in numerous recent Copyright Acts which have been enacted and ratified throughout the world, and the draconian methods that parts of the industry are now using to coerce, frighten, fine and imprison those persons who now fall within the scope of these Laws, it has been decided that ReelStreets will no longer be able to offer redundant films, either on VHS or on DVD, for sale.

It is to be regretted that ordinary people, the free viewers of this site, as well as hundreds of people who have used some pop music as background to a home video of a child’s birthday party should become subject to this new legislation and face criminal charges for their unauthorised use of copyright material.

Therefore to avoid the possibility of conflict regarding our “sale” of single, redundant copies of our films that appear, or are due to appear on site we have now decided to give them all away, free, and, what is more we are prepared to copy and give away any more films for which we receive requests.

The Empire Strikes Back! But in my case it was only the Wood Green Empire!

The snag here is that we can only do this, unhappily, not to the public at large, but only to those persons who have a genuine interest in film research. We would argue that wishing to view a film would indicate a “genuine” interest, but apparently this is not the case. Therefore we need to enrol everyone who requires a copy of any, or all of the several hundred films that we have in stock, as associate film location research assistants, or some such fancy title. And if you don’t like this title I’m sure, within reason, that you can invent your own.

So, those who want to enrol should complete the application form, and, once registered, will be able to have free access to all the films in our library.

We are not sure how many assistants we can have, so until we find we have to have a cut-off point, there is no limit, but, be quick or you may leave it too late.

Contributors, those kind people who send in "now" pics or "then" grabs, will be automatically enrolled and will enjoy all the privileges of established research assistants.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Year: 1979

Stars: Frank Langella, Trevor Eve, Kate Nelligan, Donald Pleasance, Laurence Olivier, Jan Francis

Director: John Badham

Locations: Cornwall

Plot: Lots of darkness and fog but not many fangs as Dracula plies his trade.

Number of Stills: 10
Number of 'Now' Shots: 3

NEW FILM ONLINE: "Someone Behind the Door"

Year: 1971

Stars: Charles Bronson, Anthony Perkins, Jill Ireland

Director: Nicolas Gessner

Locations: Folkestone, Kent

Plot: Neurosurgeon sets up an amnesiac into believing that his wife is his own and needs drastic correction for her infidelity.

Number of Stills: 5
Number of 'Now' Shots: 0

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hell Drivers - 1957

The country scenes featured in the opening titles are the lanes around Langley and Iver in Bucks, the Quarry at the end is Probably Rickmansworth, and on speaking to David McCallum in the 80's he confirmed the location for the exteriors of the sweet shop is indeed Brentford as a previous subscriber said.

Jeremy Coote

The Medusa Touch - 1978

The scenes where Richard Burton 'wills' the car to knock his parents over the cliff were shot by the Rotunda ruins in Herne Bay, Kent.

The aircraft engine and general gathering of wreckage from the plane crash were in Acton.

The Cathedral is St. Pauls, Bristol.

The Lawyer scenes with Derek Jacobi were shot in Lincolns Inn Fields, London,

The car scenes featuring Lino Ventura and Michael Byrne were shot in Covent Garden.

................on site we have only 7 shots. Are we missing a lot more? Can you pull them for us to add?

For the moment, we'll blog your excellent information and hope to receive some "thens" from you, as well as, possibly, some nows.

Thanks and best wishes for the new year