Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Italian Job Tour 2008

Friday, February 20, 2009

Diane Holland

Diane Holland who played Yvonne Stuart-Hargeaves in Hi-De-Hi has died.

B 1930 - D 24th January 2009 aged 78

Not strictly a Reel Streeter, but as she did rub shoulders with Leslie Dwyer (Mr Partridge) and Kenneth Connor (Uncle Sammy), it's OK.

Well known in the theatre and on TV, she was in Crossroads, Casualty and Some Mothers Do 'Ave' Em.

From a Hi-De-Hi episode:
Barry and Yvonne in single beds, hear an intruder next door.
Barry listening: 'All I can hear is loud snoring'
Yvonne: 'That's the story of my life'.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blowup - Pic ref: bu038

Hi Simon.

I also walked the length (and breadth!) of Cheyne Walk looking for this property. Luckily, I found it to be no. 100 Cheyne Walk, SW10 0DQ (aka Lyndsey House), at the west end.

There's a bollard in the pavement outside the gate. As for the gate itself it has been 'filled in' (painted black, too) so that you cannot see through the gaps. I did try to contact the occupiers to gain access/entry, but they have not replied after two attempts.

Hope you have better luck.

Regards, Ian Bolton

P.S. Cheyne Walk is at bottom of pic

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pool of London Memories

Bonar Colleano was a very nice, friendly man, he always acknowledged us with a "HI", and passed a comment, "Hey, dont you take a tumble out of there"...there being under the Crane Gantry, where I had erected the Cargo Lights.

Very memorable times.

Best wishes
Bill Killick.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Although I am not a subscriber (yet) I would like to say how much I do enjoy your site.

....................................Thankyou, you and thousands of others.

Working around central London I often see films being made as well as recognising where old films were shot.

.........................We are now about to enlarge the scope of the site to include all films of all periods, as well as TV series. Always take photos of any film being made, we can add them to the site and the pics will be wonderful material for researchers in the next 100 years.

I have a small problem though as I can't see the then shots not being a subscriber I have no idea which now pics you are looking for.

.......................We've now opened up the site a bit more to non-subscribers. They can now view all the stills for films where we have very few or no 'now' shots. They can then win a free subscription by sending in any 'now' shots that they have identified and snapped.

EG I remember seeing Horror Hospital on your site and one of your then pics was of an alley way I know that alley way is St Annes Court in Soho but when I try and see what angle you photo you need I am unable to view it.

...................Take a look now and you should be able to identify it.

Also in Mix Me a Person your photo caption mix001n is incorrect, the location of the then photo is Park Crescent junction with Portland Place not Park Sq West and the Marylebone Rd. Hope the comments are useful and Hopefully I will be able to get some now shots for you.

............Hope so, and if you look at the right hand panels of new films as they are loaded you'll see many offers to enable you to receive full subscription benefits, without having to pay for them.

Andrew Brooks

Best wishes, John Tunstill


The Savoy Lounge.

Featuring a newly restored Compton organ that was originally located at The Astoria Cinema in Cliftonville, Kent and then moved to The Savoy, Stoke Newington, London.

Edna and Simon Martins' new cinema, The Savoy Lounge, seats seventeen, including the VIP area that sports SL embossed cushions.

Simon, who doesn’t read music, but can play a tune once he has heard it, is inspired by the old films and playing unscripted, intends to accompany them with sound effects and favourite tunes on the Compton organ. Does that mean he plays by ear, or by eye, or both? Blue Skies, Goodnight Sweetheart and Bye Bye Blues are some of the titles that Edna and Simon love.

They have the organ, but are stuck for a projector (any Reel Streeters have one tucked away?).

Once the projector is in, they hope to open officially.

They have already had an organ concert entitled ‘Here we go’ (and I missed it). Did Edna do her Marlene Dietrich impersonation, featuring ‘Falling in Love Again’?

For more about the fabulous Edna and Simon: See The Daily Mail by Natalie Clark/ photos by Richard Lappas and Alistair Heap.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nostalgia - 25 years ago we were......

1984 was the year Scarlet Johansson was born and we lost Richard Burton, Francois Truffaut, Sam Peckinpah, James Mason and Johnny Tarzan Weissmuller. The world saw the introduction of the Apple Mac, the Olympics were in Los Angelies and Serejevo and the actor Ronald Regan was elected President. What films were making the headlines?

This year saw some memorable Hollywood family movies with Ghostbusters , Indiana Temple of Doom, Gremlins and Karate Kid. Romance was in the air with Footloose, Splash and Romancing the Stone, as well as hard hitting social comment with The Killing Fields, Paris Texas and Purple Rain.

The future was explored in Terminator, 1984 and Dune, while Amadeus took us back in time. Our fantasies were examined in A Company of Wolves and the rock and roll lifestyle exaggerated in the film This is Spinal Tap. British films were few and far between most notably A Private Function, A Passage to India 1984 and Killing Fields the only real films worthy of mention this year.