Friday, December 30, 2005

Spring and Port wine

Very interesting web site you have.

Just a quick message on the film 'Spring and port wine, at the time it was shot in Bolton Lancashire, I was the projectionist at the ABC cinema on Churchgate in Bolton (you can just see the ABC behind the bus at the back of the land Rover shot, the Land Rover, by the way, was on a trailer. Every night after we closed the doors to the public, we would run the 'rushes' of the days shoot for Mike Medwin etc. We would receive a payment in hand for the hour or so's extra work.

Just on a funny point, the TV that was taken from the house in the film, originally the TV van was loaned from a local TV and radio rental firm 'DER TV and Radio Rental' at the rushes that night a director of the firm withdrew permission to us 'his' van as it was a repossession of a TV and would be bad publicity, so the name was changed to 'Mick Win' (Michael Medwin) and had to be shot again.

Joe Bradshaw.

Film - Hue and Cry

Fascinating website!

Photo number 11 in the section on the film Hue and Cry shows Harry Fowler leaning against a wall. The tower in the background is not Tower Bridge, but was the Congregational Memorial Hall on Farringdon Street. It was situated on the east side of Farringdon Street, about 100 yards north of Ludgate Circus. (This is very close to Holborn Viaduct where other images were taken).

Its claim to fame was as the place where the labour Party was founded in 1900! It was demolished in 1969.

I guess that in your still from the film Harry Fowler was standing in Shoe Lane close to the junction with Stonecutter Street. Much of that area was bombed during the war.

You can see a photo of the Hall here:

and a map of its location here:

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Great site!


I chanced upon your site this morning when I searched for Pride and Clarke – the line of red shops in Blow Up, my favourite flick..

..............and they say in the book "Your Face Here" that the shops were in Woolwich and were especially sprayed for the film. But we know better, don't we.

Great site, guys. Thank you.

.............and thank you for taking the time to tell us so.

I noticed you say the IMDB won’t link with you, and it’s clearly their loss.

.........I think so

I’ve just started an unofficial site and pdf on The Stranglers, and their manager won’t link with me either! C’est la vie…

...........jealousy, I like to think

BTW there’s a small section on my site regarding Blow Up you may be interested in, as the park was in a Stranglers promo.

............the Stranglers are, were? a pop group? Not a group of south east London thuggies. So a little link is in order.

But the main reason I write is this: Quatermass underground was a film set. My dad’s company had bought the MGM studios at Elstree, and we had the chance to have a look. Must have been late 70s. We chanced upon the film sets, and the last film shot there must have been Quatermass in 1967 as I recognised it on TV from the snaps I took on the day.. .

............have you still got the snaps? They'll be of interest to someone, and we can always blog them, and we'll blog this letter

Keep up the good work – you have a great site.

.............thanks again wishes
John Tunstill


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pottery Lane and St. Mary's RC Cemetery Kensal Green

Thanks so much for the shots of Pottery Lane, Earl of Zetland Pub and other sites in Kensington. Our family lived right there by the Bottle Kiln on Walmer Road and attended St. Francis of Assisi Church to the left of Earl of Zetland Pub. It was neat to see what the place looked like in the film, likely how it looked when our family lived there in 1910. I understand Look Back in Anger was shot near the grave of three of our relatives in St. Mary's RC Cemetery Kensal Green, London. How many other genealogists can just go to the Internet and see the places the subject of their search might have lived. Thanks again.

Dave Place
Selkirk, Manitoba

Friday, December 23, 2005

Life at the top

Dear John, I was interested to see your web site of your interest in Life at the top. I have a keen interest in the film myself, as, when I was 24 years old I spent two days working as an extra in Bradford. I spent one day in the Wool exchange with Lawrence Harvey & Honor Blackman. The second day was in the Bradford Town Hall with Lawrence Harvey & Donald Wolfit, of which I have a photo that was taken by a local newspaper during rehearsal with Mr Harvey in the foreground and myself looking bored in the background.

..............send us a copy and we'll put that on the blog as well.

I have only seen the film twice, and the first time I did not see myself, but the second viewing at the Bradford Film Festival I was able to identify myself quite easily in the Wool Exchange. I do not collect films, so I would not be able to make any swaps but would be interested if you could bring yourself to part with it for a sale.

...........I cannot sell copies as I would leave myself open to accusations of piracy. Copies I can "swop". See if you can find something in a local second hand/ charity/ video shop to swop, or make a copy off TV and we're in business. My wants list attached. And what about our advertisers................try them
, wishes
.......John Tunstill

Thursday, December 22, 2005

genevieve picture 24

Hi John
Yes my name is Janet
Sorry - but it was late at night - we had watched the movie(again) and both exclaimed -that is Uxbridge High Street! I went on the net to find pictures of the De Burgh Arms and found your web site. We have been to Uxbridge- about 2 years ago- and it has changed dramatically.
We both come from the area - Iver and Yiewsley- and Uxbridge was the magnet for young people back then. We have lived in Australia for 41 years so the movie is a real step back in time for us. I can remember the excitement when the De Burgh Arms and Peoples Cafe scenes were being filmed.I lived in Yiewsley and went to school on the train so I passed that area every day for years and the day the film crew were there - filming had finished for the day by the time I passed- it was a good talking point.
I also worked later at an office in Uxbridge and went past the ironmongers in Chapel Street every day and of course used the market.
The bus - 223 -used to go past the old airforce base in Hillingdon and I can remember the road being up for ages.I think the fence on the left of the single decker 223 - later changed to a double decker on that route -is that around the old air force base which was home to "the Yanks"for quite a while after the war.
Genevieve is a film we have watched over and over and despite a lot of impossible routes to Brighton we love it. We have even cycled past the Staines reservoirs and seem to remember a garage along that road but whether it was the one in the movie I don't know.Merrimans was definitely there.
Janet a.k.a. Jan:)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

christmas regards

hey john..merry christmas there in italy....enclosed is a pic from the last routemaster day in december,terrible!!!...whats occuring on the site,not too many updates recently??...ciao...kurt


And merry Xmas to you too, last of the Routmasters, Hey Ho! You could start a page on our site devoted to old buses in films.

Not many updates? Actually over three hundred small changes, corrections and additions to ReelStreets during the last couple of weeks. Railway Children now up, and another 6 films coming in the next two /three weeks. But, at the same time I have
a property business to run,,
a country house to see to,
lead soldiers to sort out,,
postcards to sell,,
Umbrian anecdotes to collect,,
the British language to organise,,
so I have plenty to occupy myself

Best wishes


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Canterbury tale

I've just watched the Canterbury tale. And went online to find out information. Several years ago I done some work at the Horton's and a old chap said the part of the film was filmed there. On the site you have the Horton Place as Elbridge Farm in Fordwich, but its in Shottenden. If you want a photo of it I can oblige.Also when Bob Johnson is in the carriage with the girl they pass a valley then he gets out and she goes down road and turns left. I can get photo of that as well.
I only ask as I knew the places soon as I saw them.

Regards Dean Ramsden

Canterbury tale

I've just watched the Canterbury tale. And went online to find out information. Several years ago I done some work at the Horton's

..............this is, or was a local farm?

and a old chap said the part of the film was filmed there.On the site you have the Horton Place as Elbridge Farm in Fordwich, but its in Shottenden.

.............that's interesting, thanks, we'll put the information onto our blog.

If you want a photo of it I can oblige.

..............yes please, and do try and get the original camera angle

Also when Bob Johnson is in the carriage with the girl they pass a valley then he gets out and she goes down road and turns left. I can get photo of that as well.

............this perhaps is only countryside, no real streets or architectural detail?

I only ask as I knew the places soon as I saw them.

......well done wishes
..........John Tunstill

Regards Dean Ramsden

Monday, December 19, 2005

Photographic locations from the film "Poor Cow"

The pictures at number 10 are of the then L’Auberge coffee bar at the head of Richmond Bridge on Ormond Street. I cannot recall it having a drinks licence. It was quite a trendy place with a continental feel (the name) and drinking in the open air. Much frequented by people from the music scene of the time (Eel Pie Island & the Richmond Crown, a blues and jazz pub.). My friends and I as young teenagers often went there to “people spot” and try to feel part of the 60’s scene.

Type in L’Auberge Richmond on the net and you will find many sites recalling those days.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

genevieve picture 24

The street in question could be Uxbridge High street looking towards the old market building from the Regal cinema end
Chapel street is quite close - off to the left.

Janet Fulker

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Re: Location from the film 'Jubilee'

Hello John,
I've just found your website and think it's fantastic.A lovely idea and great for film buffs and local historians everywhere!


I'm very pleased to be able to add my two-pennorth aswell. too

As I was flicking through the film stills from 'Jubilee' last night I spotted a well known 'old' garden from Rotherhithe. It is at 364, Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe, London SE16. It was well known because it was crammed full of gnomes, plaster birds,plaster animals, plastic flowers and all sorts of plastic toys covering every inch.Kids used to love stopping off to look over the fence. I went there today to take a photo and sadly most of the plastic menagerie has now gone although the present owners seem to be reviving it modestly for Christmas!.

I hope the photo is useful to you, I'm eager to see if there are any others nearby.I've a feeling a number of the wharf building shots were from Butlers Wharf near Tower bridge.
I'm happy to let you have the photo for nothing but would like a mention if you use it.
Richard Avison. Rotherhithe,London

.............excellent photo, and well composed, and a kind gesture with regard to the waiving of the fee. I give the money to a local charity who are building flats to accomodate parents from all over Italy whilst they are visiting/staying with their children in a local cancer hospital, in Perugia. And every little helps. The charity is called "Daniele Chianelli" - Perugia.

I'll mention your generosity, and publish your letter on the blog. I'll also give you a year's subscription to the site, as it will be a pay site in about 3 weeks time.

Very best wishes and good luck in finding more locations,

Thanks again for your kindness and interest.
Best wishes
John Tunstill

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Little Ones

Incidentally, "The Little Ones" was set in London;

Date? Actors? Reference? Details, please

1965 ( UK ) 66 minutes

Jim O'Connolly ,
James P. O'Connolly
Kim Smith
Dudley Foster,
Derek Newark,
Jean Marlow,
Ken Jones

In this drama, two boys from London--one an abused child, and the other, the son of a neglectful hooker--attempt to board a Jamaica bound ship in order to escape their miserable lives. It is on the exotic island that one of the boys' father is said to live.
They get passage by stealing a suitcase from a nearby Rolls belonging to a shipping magnate. They are unfortunately, caught, lectured and sent home. Their one hope is that the fellow informed them that thereare many ships leaving from Jamaica.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Grand Prix

Scenes for the film 'Grand Prix' were shot in our garden here at Goudhurst in 1966. Also in the Star & Eagle Hotel at Goudhurst and other places in this area when they were following the F1 scene for that season and the, I think British Grand Prix was at Brands Hatch. They also used The Grange at Horsmonden for one shot I believe. Eva Marie Saint slept in my bed. (But not at the same time you understand !)

I research old motor cars and am often appalled by some of the lack of attention to details such as age of vehicles that appear in period films these days. Wrong registration numbers are often shown from much later period than the film is meant to be covering etc.


The Early Bird

Hi ,
My name is Trevor Davies, a Brit who now lives in Copenhagen in Denmark.
I came across your website by accident while looking for some info about looking for film locations, as I have a similar hobby to yours as i like to find out the locations used in films especially films from the 1950s & 1960s, as such i have some info that might be of use to you.

On your list of films you have "The Early Bird" from 1965,Starring Norman Wisdom, but no locations listed for it, well i have found some of them for you but sadly no pictures.

The locations used in the film are the following :-

Pinewood Studios.

Gerrard Cross Golf Course.

Queen Street & Rectory Avenue in High Wycombe.
( one of the scenes filmed here were the one with the milkchurn rolling down hill after flooding a woman´s house with milk, and the scene where norman´s milk cart rolls away down hill and comes to a standstill on a railway level crossing and is ultimatly smashed by a train ).

I hope this info is of use to you, please let me know.

All the best for Xmas and the new year ,Trevor.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kind of Loving

Hello again,

Got two more locations for you both internal though and both fall into the historic buildings category, the Dawson Whittaker staff ball is held at the Albert Hall in Bolton this is housed within the Town Hall in Bolton (incidentally the outside steps are where Arthur and Jenny stand in The Family Way discussing their marriage problems) The Albert Hall was destroyed by Fire in 1981 and was rebuilt as the Albert Halls with the upper level now a separate room. The brass band concert which Vic & Ingrid do not attend was filmed at The King Georges Hall in Blackburn, this is identical today.

Many thanks & keep up the good work.


Sunday, December 11, 2005


Frankly, I've so much to say, that I find it very difficult to know where to start - but here goes...

What struck me most about ReelStreets was its curious profusion of "Liverpool or Manchesters"...! This is noticable with regard to movies set in or around Liverpool, especially when a conveniently lengthy period of time has elapsed since their original release...!!!

ergo: like "These Dangerous Years," for example; or "Beyond This Place;" both films set entirely in Liverpool - with Manchester not even mentioned in their original screenplays. Just imagine giving Manchester's own, "Hell is a City" similar treatment - its locations still, quite rightly, atributed to Manchester, but with the superfluous addition of - "or Liverpool...???"

With all due respect to you, John, Manchester's estimated movie coverage seems far from "fair." To my mind, your reports of that city's movie representation (pre-1990) are barely reasonable - (at best...!) - and often appear greatly exaggerated. Indeed, I strongly suspect the 'Greater Manchester Media Machine' of beavering away, re-writing history to match it's own delusions of grandeur. The urban settings of almost any "Northern" film appear, as ever, open to this 'GMMM' automatically deeming it 'safe' to presume that its location - (no doubt, like that of virtually every other remotely worthwhile occurrence on the planet) - must lie somewhere within 'Greater' Mancunia...

Incidentally, "The Little Ones" was set in London; and "The Key" in Plymouth.
Sincerely John Jay

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Man about the House

When we were in Swiss Cottage in the summer you mentioned that a local driving scene took place near a garage in Fairfax Road, can you confirm it was the above film?
~ John

Er, don't have the film in front of me, but as I remember it is a 'bad driving sequence' in a Volkswagon Beatle. They tear round the (garage) roundabout and up and down various nearby roads. Yes, should be 'Man about the house'.
~ Brian

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Re : Villain

Well, call me old fashioned but where has the front door of the first terraced house gone to? If that house has been knocked down , then the gate posts are in the wrong place.
Are you 100% certain about this one?
Brian Tunstill

12. Then

12. Now

13. Then

No, I'm not, and the blue doors which appear in pic 13 top left, are the same ones in Pic 12. And the houses which appear to the right of the blue doors in pic 13 would have to have been torn down to make way for the Rec ground!!

Well sleuthed little brother, I'll blog it


You see, he's always nagging me!!!!!!!!!!!

spring and port wine

The dear ladies name is Diana Coupland
Not Copeland as it appears in our Reelsreets listing.
Brian Tunstill