Thursday, June 23, 2005


Just chanced across your fascinating site and I can assist with one of your unidentified locations. Most (if not all) of the outside shots in "Made" starring Carol White (and Roy Harper) are filmed in Charlton, South London, in the vicinity of The Valley football ground.
Hope that helps.

How kind of you to write, but "Made" I'd never heard of, and it's not listed in my Halliwell Guide. Thanks so much for the lead. Do you have a copy of the film? Do you have any other references to it? There is a bit on the IMDB, 1972, with the actors you name, but nothing about the locations. How do you know? What do you know?
Many thanks
John Tunstill


I'm afraid I don't have a copy of "Made" and I've seen it only the once, quite by chance on TV about 25 years ago. It contains a scene with Carol White pushing a baby in a pram in a panic and running from crowds of people, possibly leaving the football ground at Charlton (although I don't recall seeing the ground itself or the exit gates). At this point I realised where it was shot and was transfixed for the remainder of the film. The particularly recognisable streets in that scene are Floyd Road and (Charlton) Church Lane, London SE7. I live in the area hence my particular interest.

I live in hope that the NFT will show the film some day so that I can concentrate on it from the beginning. My other two "where on earth is that" films (Brandy For The Parson and Woman In A Dressing Gown) are also in the "Unidentified" list on your web site. I shall have to revisit Reel Streets now and then to see if they have been located. The dock scenes in Woman In A Dressing Gown are almost certainly the London Docklands but I'd love to find out where the brand spanking new block of flats in the opening shot is. And whether it's still standing.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Girl with Pistol

'Dear John (with thanks)
(Because I sent him a copy tape)

A first survey of UK locations in Monicelli's Girl with a Pistol (Ragazza con Pistola), featuring Monica Vitti, Stanley Baker, Anthony Booth, Corin Redgrave:

Edinburgh: Waverley Station, and various streets

Sheffield: the Steel, Peach and Tozer factory; various streets, a café, a club

Bath?: this is my guess for the town with the Crescent, and the implication is that the hospita ('St Paul's Hospital') is also there

The Severn Bridge (the old one, of course)

Cardiff Airport?: this is my guess for the departure point of the Cambrian Airlines flight to London

Brighton: waterfront, pier, hotels, ferry port (Newhaven?)


The Salisbury, the gay pub on St Martin's Lane, W.C.2 (also seen in Victim): Stanley Baker parks his car in St Martin's Court (illegally).

Trafalgar Square: authentic anti-US, Vietnam war demo, followed by staged demo with Vitti and Baker, that looks like it was shot in Lincoln's Inn Fields (I'll be checking soon).

Elephant and Castle, view of the big ugly metal thing in the middle (close to home for you, John) - [Once upon a time]

Quick (topographically flawed) cut to near the New King's Road, i.e. Waterford Road, S.W (legible street sign), where Vitti and Baker enter a restaurant near 'Lawrence's Scrap Metal Merchants' (not listed in the 1969 Kelly's Directory: perhaps a fake)

Royal Albert Hall, steps outside

Albert Bridge

view of Houses of Parliament from a modern, concrete walkway.

That's all for now.

(What a fabulous film, incidentally.)'

~ Roland-Francois Lack

.....................Now that's what I call
information..........Thanks......John Tunstill

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Violent Playground

This film was made in and around Gerrard Gardens where my Grandmother lived for many years. Apparently she can be seen in the film as well as some of my other relatives. Unfortunately Gerrard Gardens was demolished some years age to make way for a new housing estate.I would dearly love to get hold of a copy of this film and would appreciate it if you new how I could go about this. I have seen the film on TV many years ago.

Many thanks

~ Mrs C Humphreys

'Made' Film Locations


Just chanced across your fascinating site and I can assist with one of your unidentified locations. Most (if not all) of the outside shots in "Made" starring Carol White (and Roy Harper) are filmed in Charlton, South London, in the vicinity of The Valley football ground.

Hope that helps.

~ Jess

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sparrows Can't Sing

Dear John

Sparrows Can't Sing was filmed around Angel Lane, Stratford E.15 (where Joan Littlewood's Theatre was). I think everything we see of the street in the film has been demolished (including Primrose Court -- she turns out of Primrose Court into Angel Lane), but I shall go see this summer if the modern housing estate is Stratford New Town Estate, at the top of Angel Lane.



Friday, June 10, 2005

Anne Bancroft

ANNE BANCROFT | 1931-2005

Versatile, but forever 'Mrs. Robinson'

She won an Oscar and a Tony for "Miracle Worker," among many laurels, but
seductress in "The Graduate" was her signature role.

By Myrna Oliver, LA Times Staff Writer

Anne Bancroft, the versatile, husky-voiced actress who won an Academy Award for portraying Helen Keller's teacher in "The Miracle Worker" but will forever be remembered as the coldly seductive Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate," has died. She was 73.

Bancroft died Monday night of uterine cancer at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, John Barlow, spokesman for Bancroft's husband, entertainer Mel Brooks, announced Tuesday.

An actress of uncommon versatility, Bancroft collected one Oscar, two Tonys, two Golden Globes, an Emmy and in 1996 a lifetime achievement comedy award in a career spanning more than half a century.

Bancroft earned a Tony and an Academy Award for best actress in "The Miracle Worker" as Annie Sullivan, the willful and determined half-blind teacher of Patty Duke's blind and deaf Keller. The Broadway and motion picture versions of William Gibson's play established Bancroft as a multifaceted actress with deep talent.

Duke, who was 12 when she began working with Bancroft, was in tears Tuesday as she told The Times: "I don't know if we'll ever see the particular likes of her again.. I am blessed to have ever been in her presence. I am devastated.. But she leaves us with that great, throaty rasp and that wicked sense of humor."

Arthur Penn, director of the stage and screen versions of "The Miracle Worker," called Bancroft "a magnificent actress, a woman of rich, rich emotion and great humor."

Dustin Hoffman, who played the callow post-collegiate youth to Bancroft's world-weary Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate," said Tuesday that he could not think of her in the past tense.

"She was one of the most alive people I ever met," he told The Times. "Such exuberance, and she had this laugh in her that filled her from head to toe. I can see her, see her laughing right now."

Mike Nichols, who directed "The Graduate," called Bancroft a masterful performer and said in a statement Tuesday, "Her combination of brains, humor, frankness and sense were unlike any other artist. Her beauty was constantly shifting with her roles, and because she was a consummate actress, she changed radically for every part."

Bancroft was nominated for Academy Awards for four more films - "The Pumpkin Eater" in 1964; "The Turning Point" in 1977; "Agnes of God" in 1985; and her most popular, "The Graduate" in 1967. She collected Golden Globes for "The Pumpkin Eater" and "The Graduate." There were also many nominations for other awards.

For several generations of film fans and moviegoers, mere mention of "The Graduate" immediately conjures up memories of Simon & Garfunkel's tuneful phrases: "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know.."

Although she was playing a woman old enough to be his mother, Bancroft was 35 and Hoffman was 30 when they filmed the movie.

The Pumpkin Eater has several scenes filmed in London.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Billy Liar - Old Trafford!

With reference to the movie Billy Liar shots, Photo 24. I can confirm absolutely that the location is Old Trafford. I am one of the two people in the clip under the floodlight tower running towards a turnstile entrance gate. At the time we were students at UMIST in Manchester and about 50 of us were offered 30 shillings in the students union to perform as extras at Old Trafford one Wednesday afternoon. Most of our group constituted the back row of the terraces. (Top right of the clip). I and my friend were designated as 'late comers to the match' and had to run down to the turnstile entrances. Whilst we were running down there was a 'roar from the crowd' and Tom Courtney walked along the road behind us and make-believed the 'roar' was from the crowd at a Nuremburg rally saluting him'. ~ Andrew Spencer

Friday, June 03, 2005

Sons of the Sea

Sad, Norman Bird, "Sons of the Sea", 'Victim' , etc., can't do Reelstreets introduction and voice over when we make the film of the site, he died recently...

Glad, Ultra duckie, 1939 colour film stills. No back projection or tricks (well not many)..and the pics will be up soon...

Bad, Missed the first part of 'Son's of the Sea' (hope it is repeated some time).......did anyone else make a copy?

Fad (new in 1939!), see IMDb for fascinating review of the 'Son's of the Sea' colour see, we're kind to them even if they won't link to us.

Brian Tunstill.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Passport Information

Your Passport to Pimlico photo No 8, is not Cosser Street,but looking from Lambeth Road down Lambeth Walk (,on the right would be the Lambeth Walk pub),to Wedgwood House, Lambeth Baths would have been on the right, which is now a doctors surgery. ..Micky Day

From Lambeth Road looking down Lambeth Walk, yes, I agree the Lambeth Walk pub is on the right, but I believe that the baths were on the left, at the bend in Lambeth Walk. The road in pic 8 seems to be a dead end or a sharp right turn. ~ John

Thanks for your reply. Sorry I made a mistake. Lambeth Baths is on the left. If you come along Lambeth Road from Lambeth Bridge and turn right by the Lambeth Walk pub into I think its called China Walk, at the bottom in front is Wedgwood House, the baths are on the left, and a sharp right into Lambeth Walk. I live in Cosser Street, and your photo No 8 is not it. I'll try and get a new photo done and send it on to you so you can see for yourself. I enjoyed your site,
Cheers Micky...

You see Micky, I need to watch you all the time!!!!!!

And I used to live in Kennington Road, at 36 and later at 44, where I had my
Soldier Shop, which then had a rear door to McAuley Close, the Estate off
Cosser Street. I actually stayed a couple of nights at the Days Inn Hotel,
Lambeth Road and Kennington Road in February. ~ John

Sweeney pics

Hi John

Just had a look through the Sweeney pics now they're up in lights. Great stuff !
As regards the "Now" picture in Chestnut Av (the 3 gate posts) there is no photoshop manipulation there....glad to say ! If you look at the "Then" picture, we can see the 3rd brick pillar at right a right angle with a driveway gate in between the two. On the "Now" picture, we can see the same gate, but this time it's open into the driveway, revealing the car on the drive. Unfortunately, the 3rd pillar is obscured from vision by the tree in the foreground.

.........................and by looking really carefully one can see the kerb of the pavement leading into the gateway

Sorted Regards