Monday, February 28, 2005

Alfie - St. Margarets, Twickenham

'With regard to your stills from the film "ALFIE", the station used in frame 2. It's not Blackheath, it is in fact St. Margaret's,Twickenham,Middlesex, opposite Twickenham Studios.'
~ Ollie Walsh

'Sirs, My friend, Ollie, told me that pic 2 on your Alfie page is St Margaret's, which indeed it is.
Recent sample attached. If you need a shot that almost reproduces the still, I would be more than pleased to scurry out and snap some for you. Meanwhile I shall look around the rest of your very interesting site.'
~ Paul Bantock

Billy Liar - Old Trafford?

Some help with Billy Liar from Peter Quigley:
I have been looking at your excellent website about film locations.
I am99% certain that photos 24 and 25 from "Billy Liar" were taken near Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United.

Incidentally, the road shown inphoto 25 would once have led to Trafford Road Bridge in Salford, which was made famous when Rita Tushingham bid farewell to her seaman boyfriend on the bridge in a "A Taste of Honey". ~ Regards, Peter Quigley.

The Long Memory

The Long Memory with John Mills
'The scene at night where the police and John Mills are waiting for the real culprit to come out of his house was filmed in Queen Street, Gravesend, Kent. The church that can be seen near to the river is St Andrew's Church. The house they are 'staking out' is on the western side of Queen Street and the real culprit makes a run from the house into Swan Yard or Market Lane (both have been built on and no longer exist).

The barges that John Mills' character lives on was filmed, I believe, at nearby Higham Marshes approximately at map reference TQ 705754

The police car speeding along the road was on the A226 Rochester Road between Chalk and Shorne, near Gravesend.

I am still trying to work out some of the other locations in The Long Memory I'm afraid I don't think have a copy of the film, it is usually on every couple of years or so on C4 or BBC2 in the afternoons, in fact it was on again three or four weeks ago. I will check the deepest recesses of my old videos to see if I still have it on tape from when I recorded it from the television.

It seems to have been filmed mostly in the Gravesend area, with a couple of London scenes in the docks around Tower Bridge.

I see from the site that you have 'The Eagle has landed' as being listed as filmed in Norfolk. I always understood that the watermill, church and village scenes were filmed at the Mapledurham Estate, near Reading, Berkshire'

~ David Pink

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Railway Children

an email from Alan Littler....

Hi guys,
I saw a newspaper clipping which asked for information from people involved in the making of the Railway children.

I was 21 when I did general work around the set on the Worth Valley Railway Line. I thought Hollywood had come to Haworth!

The highlight of my experience was when I had to pull the rip cord that released the tree sliding down the embankment in the landslide scene. I was terrified as they counted down to the release. ~ Alan Littler (ex pat), Perth. W. Australia.

The Sweeney

an email from Bryn:
Hi John,

First of all, there were 3 films of the Sweeney.....well sort of.
The first was the pilot feature length episode that preceded the actual 1 hour episodes that made the series. That was called "REGAN"
The second was called "SWEENEY !" and
The third was called "SWEENEY 2"

Now give me a little time while I dig out my files to unearth the info I have. Also, somewhere among the info I have, I've got pictures that I took of the locations while I was researching them back in the early 90's. If you're interested in any pictures, let me know. Regards, BRYN

Friday, February 25, 2005

London Cinemas

Well, you location sleuths, have any of you amongst your collections got pictures of the Coronation cinema, High Road, New Southgate, London N11, or the Odeon or the Gaumont in Finchley, North London, or even the ABC Cinema at Bounds Green, probably N 22. In all of which I spent some of my mis-spent youth.

John Tunstill

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Highly Dangerous

An email from Michael...

Hello Reel Streets,
Fascinating web site you have there! Just to let you know that a sequence in Highly Dangerous featuring Margaret Lockwood and Naunton Wayne was filmed at the south side of Taplow Station in Buckinghamshire.

Slough Station features in The Last Journey Dir: Bernard Vorhaus.

I'm also sure that photo 1 in the Brief Encounter entry is actually Watford Junction - where all the high speed run-through were filmed. Carnforth was used for the scenes that required the cast.
Good Luck
More to come from a British B&W film fan and railway buff.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Alfie - Earls Court Road?

More help from Ray Simmons:

Alfie pic. 8, is I think Earls Court Road /Pembroke Place, as the door of the dry cleaners closes, a reflection of the street name can be seen in the glass door. ~ Ray Simmons

Saturday, February 19, 2005

I Believe in You

Some help from Pat Loobey (

I Believe in You...

2-Cecil Parker walking along street, Hart & Sons on right-this is somewhere in Paddington

3- Cecil Parker on corner by lampost -this is North Kensington near Westbourne Grove

5- Cecil Parker with large chimneys in background-dead easy, even I could recognise this as Lots Road power station, Chelsea

6- Cecil Parker about to walk under a railway bridge-again I got this one, this is Latchmere Road, Battersea

10-Swimming pool with children-the Oasis Swimming pool at Holborn

12-Swimming pool' the Oasis Swimming pool at Holborn

13- Harry Fowler facing to right in street scene. off Kensall Road, possibly in North Row, ie North Kensington

I do hope this is of help? ~ Patrick Loobey

Georgy Girl

Georgy Girl pic no 4 is Kensinton High St., Thomas Cook travel agents isno 104 and Harry Fenton is no 102 . source, Kellys Post Office Directory
~ Ray Simmons

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Date With a Dream

Some help from Pat Loobey:

The scene from Date with a Dream with the barrow is Harrowby St with Edgware Road by the traffic lights to right and left and Burwood Place beyond the lights.

The scene with two squaddies is somewhere in Lambeth, the street lamp is one of theirs. More to follow..
Patrick Loobey

Saturday, February 05, 2005

This Happy Breed

The street used in "This Happy Breed" is Aldersbrook Road off Balham Hill
~ Ray Simmons

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bridal Path

..........................Doug, How kind of you to contact me
I have 'now' photos of two of the Bridal Path stills you show.Both will crop to give almost the same view as the stills.Also attached another photo of another still but not quite the sameangle.Do I get £30 for these and for identifying locations?

.........................of course, as soon as my webbie gets them on screen

I will obviously send you larger ones if so

Re Easdale, this is actually Ellenabeich on Seil Island, Easdale is thesmall island opposite Ellenabeich
........................good info, thanks

Actually I suppose I should come clean, I produce a site ( dealing with filming locations in Scotland andhave a huge library of Then vs. Now photos for many Scottish based films.
.........................splendid, it'll probably save me the bother ofduplicating your work, I can just send the punters directly to you, but I'll look at the films I've got, and those you have up on site and if there are any you can help me with I'll tell you before I offer them to the general public. That way any cash has the possibility of coming to your pocket as some small reward for your efforts.

I'll happily exchange links with you
.....................good, thanks, I'll tell Mike, my webbie to set up alink.

but if there is any money floatingaround I'll happily take that as well I said above, look at my full listing of Scottishfilms, see what you haven't covered on your site, and we'll try to make an arrangement.

Producing the site is a huge drain on my limited finances especiallywith the exorbitant costs of petrol in rural Scotland and the cost of sourcingDVDs/video tapes for producing film stills

...................don't I know, happily I can syphon off help andresources from and, so in effect theItalian tax man makes a contribution!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Genevieve pic 23 , if you run the film on it shows a no 223 bus waiting at traffic lights, this bus in the 50's ran from Ruislip Stn to West DraytonStn via Ickenham, Uxbridge, Colham Green, Yiewsley and onto West Drayton. I don't know the street in the shot but this gives the general area.

Ray Simmons